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Torrestir’s challenge to Orcinus, an Avaya business partner, was to present a solution which reduced the number of PBXs, increased communication stability, facilitated redundancy between sites, provided fixed/mobile unification, while reducing overall cost.
Torrestir has the Avaya IP Office™ Platform installed to support 4 different sites, so it is very important that the connection between them is efficient and reliable. In addition to these 4 sites, Torrestir has more than 20 remote offices in Portugal, Spain, Germany and Mozambique. Using VPN connections, the implemented solution made it possible to ensure that remote sites were “indoors”, ensuring better and more efficient telephony management.
“The reduction of fixed costs in telephone lines and calls, as well as the variable / intangible costs inherent in repairs, relocation, support, management, control and configuration processes, exceeded our initial expectations,” Jorge Rafael from Torrestir explains.
“All the calls are now able to be controlled by our Headquarters and branches, which greatly enhanced the quality of our work and increased the level of customer service. We no longer have missed calls if an employee is on another call or away from their workplace. When there is centralized call distribution, there is always someone who can answer calls in a professional and timely manner.”
Torrestir has many employees who travel to other countries (Administration, Directorates, Commercial and Operational Managers and Drivers). They have multiple foreign sites and have relationships with external partners and the new communications system has saved them thousands of euros each month. The installed Mobility Solution directs all the calls made by employees to go through the IP Office platforms at the headquarters and branches which selects the cheapest route among the existing and configured call routes. This way, the amounts paid on national, international and roaming calls has been reduced dramatically.
The need for an efficient and reliable way to communicate between offices in multiple countries
Desire to reduce the number of PBXs
A way to address the increasing need for mobile connectivity
Flexible and scalable solution which has reduced communication costs
Centralized call distribution is increasing the level of customer service
Ability for mobile phones to have similar functionality as desk phones has provided greater flexibility for staff
Torrestir has about 1200 mobile users, so mobility is very important. Orcinus, with the Avaya platform, presented a very flexible solution that allows any mobile phone to function as a desk phone – with basic PBX functions. With this solution it was possible to create usage rules according to the profile and philosophy intended for each user or group of users, as well as configure extensions in a custom way.
One of Avaya’s strengths is their experience in the international market, accustomed to working with the largest and most demanding companies in the world. Orcinus, the partner responsible for implementing the solution, demonstrated that it is highly qualified and enabled for the design, implementation, support and monitoring of these types of solutions. Their expertise was evident throughout the process, installing and configuring the solution in a highly professional and functional way. The plan outlined for the migration process to the new solution eliminated potential obstacles to success and reduced the expected communications downtime.
When Torrestir implemented this solution, it had approximately 1000 mobile phones and 200 desk phones, today it has nearly 1200 mobile phones and it is thinking about adding more desk telephones, because it is preparing for the opening of new sites.
“Avaya’s solution is highly flexible and scalable, which gives future assurances regarding the alignment of this technology with our growth. The IP Office™ Platform has proven to be highly reliable and effective. The redundancy solution between locations has proven to be very capable and robust.”
“Avaya has a constant evolution strategy in technology, which assures us that it is a company of the future and that we consider them to be a partner of choice,” Jorge Rafael.
“The reduction of fixed costs in telephone lines and calls, as well as the variable / intangible costs inherent in repairs, relocation, support, management, control and configuration processes, exceeded our initial expectations.”
-Jorge Rafael, CIO Torrestir
Torristir was created in 1962 and its objective was the transportation of goods on the road. The original company underwent multiple reorganizations and emerged powerful and prepared to meet the needs of the market. Today they offer to their customers not only transportation services but also a variety of services in the field of logistics and transportation.

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