New Avaya Healthcheck Tool: It Just Got Easier to Keep Your Communications Network Operating at Peak Performance

02/07/2019, Written by 0 comment

While the Patriots and the Falcons battle at the Super Bowl February 5, many of us will be trying to keep our New Year’s resolutions on track. The odds are daunting—stats show that more than 40% of resolutions will be broken by Super Bowl Sunday. For most resolutions, I can only wish you perseverance and success. But if you’re a CIO/IT director accountable for keeping your Avaya solutions running optimally, I’ve got a new Avaya Healthcheck tool that will help make your 2017 network performance goals a lot easier.

If your days are like mine, you’re seeing all kinds of projects getting thrown at you. I tend to do what my boss asks me for first and then work on my own to-do list afterwards. Sometimes that means the tasks that need to be done to keep me on top of things and producing the best outcome get moved to “later.” Not always a good formula for moving my goals forward.

So, with all the distractions, how are you actually making progress on optimizing your communications network? Is your IT staff is working on new projects or fighting fires each day? How can you reduce those fires or escalations? Or what if you just added new equipment on your network and before you sign off on the work you want to run some tests? Or you want to be proactive and check that your legacy equipment can connect to your systems and that the alarming is working correctly?

Running such tests takes time and resources. You need a fast and easy way to keep your Avaya solutions running at peak performance. Avaya Healthcheck is your answer! It’s a new tool included in your Avaya support coverage.

Schedule Healthcheck to run automatically or on demand. Healthcheck provides you with actionable steps to resolve potential issues before they become service impacting. Healthcheck brings together four separate tests and thousands of individual diagnostic routines for connectivity, alarming, configuration, and product health. Healthcheck features a simple dashboard that helps keep track of your tests—think of it as your professional health tracker.

Green is good. Red means it is time to pay attention. Now, your Avaya solution’s health can be checked in minutes, not hours. The online dashboard can track all and drilling down is easy. Just connect and get started. Set up tests to run anytime. Results can be quickly exported to Excel. And rerunning any test with a single click is easy.

Still need the experts to resolve an issue? Avaya Support technicians have the information necessary to manage the job quickly.

So you still need help keeping that resolution? Try Healthcheck today. You will have more time to work on your personal New Year’s resolutions—and beat the statistics.

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